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Invite nature's charm into your space!

A harmonious space isn't a coincidence. It's a purposeful choice.

Our surroundings profoundly influence our awareness, joy and overall happiness.

Bid farewell to uninspiring walls and welcome the serenity that comes with your own little haven.

'Choose only one master—nature'


Nature always seems like it's got some incredible secret to share and guess what?

It's all right here in the art – where her mysteries unfold in every brushstroke.

Meet Me

Hey there,

I'm Lucia and I'm all about painting and embracing the beauty of art. It's my secret source of calm when life gets crazy, my ray of sunshine on the darkest days and a reminder of how beautiful our world is when I lose sight of it.

In my paintings, just like in life, every brushstroke counts. Each one demands careful consideration. Through this artistic journey, I've come to appreciate the importance of patience and persistence. It's amazing how a single stroke can turn a chaotic mess into a harmonious masterpiece. It's a reflection of how life's challenges can often be reshaped through deliberate, balanced actions.